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My fees are based on the amount in dispute and the complexity of the matter.

They will be on a half-day (say 9:00 am to 1:00 pm) or full-day (say 10:00 am to 6:00 pm) mediation. A quotation will be provided on request.

Unless otherwise agreed, the fee will be payable equally between the parties.

If the mediator is required to provide accommodation, it will be recharged at cost.

Reading-in of any paperwork supplied beforehand will not be charged. Travelling (cost and time) will not normally be charged.

VAT will be chargeable at the prevailing rate.

Invoices will be issue to the parties prior to the agreed date for the mediation. If accommodation is to be provided by the mediator, it will not be confirmed until it is paid for by the parties.

Payment in full must be received not less than 3 working days before the mediation.

Should the mediation not settle within the allocated time, with the agreement of the parties and the mediator, the mediation can continue on the basis that the parties will pay for any additional time (including accommodation costs) on a pro rata basis.

Please email your details to obtain further information.

Includes full professional risk insurance up to a value of £2million

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